Derby Review

The Derby Extra Double Razor Blade is unfortunately one of the lowest rated blades you’ll see on this blog.  It has the misfortune of being the only blade I’ve ever taken out of my razor after a single use.  More on that later though… Here’s how it stacked up using our rating system:

  1. Tugging = 2
  2. Sharpness = 1
  3. Irritation = 1
  4. Longevity = n/a

Derby is a pretty popular blade, and maybe it’ll work for your face, but I found this blade to go well beyond disappointment and enter the realm of disgruntled. I experienced quite a bit of tugging with this blade, and the cut itself was extremely inefficient.  Compared to every other blade I’ve ever tried this was simply not sharp at all.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s better than an electric shave, but this is not an Artisan’s blade and I would not encourage you to use it at all.  My skin was visibly irritated as observed by my wife after a three pass shave.  I made a point, as I do with any new blade, to be slow, methodical and pay close attention to the work at hand.  Nonetheless I managed to nick myself twice, had a redness on my facial flesh and could visibly see small whiskers on my face.  To the touch it was equally disappointing.

To illustrate how bad the experience was, after my three pass I actually popped the blade out and put in an Astra Platinum and did a two pass.  My face actually looked less irritated after this, and my whiskers were where they belonged – in the sink.

So all in all, don’t try this at home folks – it’s not worth it!


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