Reviewing Blades

Shaving with a double edge razor is an art, and for the most part the razor, your brush and soap are all fairly standard.  There’s some variation, but as long as you stick to The Basics you’ll find that things will work out fine. Where things get hairy (yes, pun intended) is with blades.  There are LOTS of options, each uniquely different.  To complicate things further, each face is different.  We don’t expect our reviews of blades to be true for every face, but we do think they can be a general guide to you and your face as you decide what to try.

In full disclosure, we’re fans of the Crystal, an Israeli blade that cuts close with almost no tugging.  Both of your authors here at Shave with Swagger consider this our “go to” blade, and our wives humbly agree.

In order to review these blades we want to provide a basic rubric to help you understand our position.  Thus we’ll be using the following criteria for our reviews:

  1. Tugging – Does this blade pull when you use it to cut your whiskers?
  2. Sharpness – How close does it cut, what is the residual whisker value post shave?
  3. Irritation – What kind of irritation is left on the skin after shaving?
  4. Longevity – How long will the razor last you once you start using it.

We’ll use a 5 point scale to review these blades, and in each category the higher the number the better the blade. For example, an irritation of 3 means that you may have some skin irritation, maybe it was dry or pulled in a way that was uncomfortable after the shave was complete.  Meanwhile a 5 in sharpness means this could be the Samurai sword of razor blades and you should probably pick one up at your earliest convenience.

Stay tuned, our first blade review is up next…


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