Close But No Bumps!

Razor burn. Irritation. Chafed skin. Bumps. Whiskers subtly buried just under the skin. Even zits. That was occasionally true of cheeks and jawline but pretty much always true of the area when chin and neck merge.

Maybe it’s because my face is more sensitive. Maybe it’s because I am too rough with the razors. Shaving irritation is just something I figured was part of the deal. When I used an electric foil razor, the irritation was probably due to me mashing the foil against my face to convince myself I was cutting as close as possible.

The three blade cartridge made me feel the burn. Then they invented the five blade. Surely that would reduce irritation. Nope. But they have lubricating strips! But I used “sensitive” gel! Nope. Irritated. Bumpy. Alas, it was just part of the bargain. If you shave, you’re going to get razor burn and irritation.

One of the benefits claimed for double edge razor wet shaving, however, was a reduction of razor burn. Well, THAT’S something! And I kid you not, the very day that I began shaving with a safety razor and a nice cream (it was Proraso cream at first)…I tell you, the very same day I used a safety razor for the first time, my face wasn’t red and bumpy. At all.

I know what you’re thinking. “Just like that? No more razor burn?” Yes. Just like that. Even with more than one pass (I sometimes use up to four passes when I want a really close shave) I rarely get any irritation. Generally speaking, the more passes you make, the more chance for skin irruption to develop but these blades are just so sharp that it’s really not the case.

If you’re ever wished that shaving didn’t leave you with razor burn on your face, chin, or neck, then perhaps it’s time to switch to double edge wet shaving. It’s so close but with no bumps!

And because shaving no longer brought that irritation, I began to slow down and actually enjoy this morning ritual. More on that in another post.


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