Razor Blades: Slashing the Price of Shaving

One of the greatest benefits of wet shaving with double edged blades is how inexpensive the blades are.

A fancy electric razor will set you back $100 or more. Sure, you can find cheaper ones, but the old adage is true that you get what you pay for. Even then, after a year of use, you’re looking at around $15-30 to replace the foil.  That works out to be around $2+ a week per shave.

If you buy the latest and greatest cartridge razors, well…check this comparison out:

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that a typical five blade cartridge could last for a week of shaving. (Of course you could go longer but let’s compare apples to apples). This product, for example,  would give you twelve cartridges for $36.99. At 12 weeks of shaving, that breaks down to just over $3.00 per week. That’s $150 a year of blade costs!

Let’s assume also that we can use a double edge razor blade for a week of shaving. (Again, this too varies, but for comparison’s sake…). Now, let’s look at a product like this double edge variety pack . For $24.99 you get 100 blades. That’s just short of two years of shaving which breaks down to about a quarter ($.25) a week. That makes it right around $13 a year!

Based just on the costs of razor blades alone, you can see that double edge razor wet shaving is a far less expensive alternative. And when you’re saving that kind of money and still getting a great shave, that’s shaving with swagger!

But double edge razor blades have another advantage which I will cover in my next post!


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