I hated shaving

I have been known to grow a beard, or two. In fact this past summer I went six months without brushing a blade across my face. It wasn’t because I like beards per se. I don’t dislike them either. For me a beard was a matter of necessity. The growth on my face prevented me from enduring the chore of shaving. Does this sum up your life? Do you wake up and deride the thought of lathering up to clean off your whiskers?

The truth is I hated shaving. I really honestly hated it. I tried the fancy expensive electric razors. I even ponied up for a Braun with one of those rinsing stations. What I learned is that the razor was satisfactory out of the box, disappointing after a month and expensive by two. Then there was the skin irritation I would get, the lack of smoothness against the grain and the constant need for lotions and after shave to appease my damaged face.

I also tried one of those multi-bladed cartridge type razors. They come in the nifty packaging and do double, sometimes even triple the damage every time they roll across your skin. They require expensive chemical foam to get the job done too. I have to confess while I felt this cut was far closer than what I ever got from an electric razor, it simply didn’t accomplish what I craved for: A face my kids could touch without getting hurt.

But I have seen the light, and my whiskers are gone I tell you.  There is an alternative to the medieval ways we brutalize our flesh with so-called modern gear. There is simply no reason to shave with third world equipment when you can enjoy the clean, cool and supple cut of a double edged razor and a wet shave. Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Stay tuned…

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